Should You Install Radiant Barrier In Your Attic?

As energy-efficiency measures have grown in popularity in recent years, many of our customers ask us about radiant barrier, and whether it is the best choice for their attic. Whether you’re building a brand new construction, or simply replacing the roof or attic of your existing home, radiant barrier can complement your insulation to regulate temperature and save you money year-round.

What Is Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier is a type of building material that reflects thermal radiation and reduces heat transfer. While it is not a substitute for insulation, this thin, mirror-like foil can work together with your insulation to keep your home more comfortable and energy efficient. A radiant barrier is typically installed in an attic with fiberglass installed on the floor. The radiant barrier is installed directly to the roof rafters.

What Are the Energy-Efficiency Benefits of Radiant Barrier?

Keeps Your Home Cool In Summer

During our many warm days here in Georgia, a home’s attic heats up to the point that too much air is being expelled, and not enough fresh air is coming in from the soffits. This puts a negative pressure on the entire home and the comfortable cool air that is being pumped within it. Outside air begins to get pulled inside from windows, doors, and other openings, increasing indoor humidity. This phenomenon is called the Stack Effect. By encapsulating your attic with a spray foam solution, you can essentially put a “lid” on your home and effectively stop the stack effect, as well as keep excessive moisture and allergens out.

Radiant barriers are also highly effective in warm climates, and can make a great complement to fiberglass insulation, especially when cooling air ducts are located in the attic. Due to its reflective, low-emittance surface, a radiant barrier reflects heat radiation, preventing transfer from one side of the barrier to another. According to the Department of Energy, radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs by as much as 5-10% in the warmer months.

Keeps Your Home Warm in Winter

While radiant barriers are best known for their benefits in hot climates, they can also help keep warm air in during the colder months. These barriers work especially well with fiberglass insulation, because it already has a high R-value.cSpray foam insulation has the ability to block outside air and moisture, keeping an attic clean, dry, and comfortable throughout the coldest months of the year.

Should a Radiant Barrier be Installed?

With all the advancement in the technology of spray foam insulation in recent years, radiant barrier is not essential. In our experience, by the time a homeowner pays for the additional cost of a radiant barrier installation, they could have received a much better return on their investment with spray foam alone. For this reason, we very rarely suggest radiant barrier after assessing a new construction or existing home.

Let Epic Spray Foam Assist In Your Energy-Efficiency Efforts

The combination of spray foam insulation and an encapsulated attic can be a match made in energy-efficiency heaven! The two systems can work together to create a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in all seasons. However, while radiant barriers really are yesterday’s technology, spray foam is here now and for the future!

The effectiveness of both spray foam insulation and radiant barrier depends on proper installation, so it's best to use a dependable and experienced professional. As a leading insulation contractor in Georgia, Epic Spray Foam is committed to excellent quality, service, and safety. We can complete a free on-site assessment of your property and provide a recommendation tailored to your home’s unique insulation needs.

Give us a call at (833) 362-6489 to schedule your free estimate today!

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As energy-efficiency measures have grown in popularity in recent years, many of our customers ask us about radiant barrier, and whether it is the best choice for their attic. Whether you’re building a brand new construction, or simply replacing the roof or attic of your existing home, radiant barrier can complement your insulation to regulate […]

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