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Insulation has been recognized for its ability to reduce energy use. There are still a lot of houses that aren't adequately insulated. If you are building a new home, this is your opportunity to guarantee the best insulation is installed before settling in. Spray foam insulation is an excellent alternative for homeowners who desire a drier, quieter, healthier house.

Because of spray foam insulation, new housing is more resilient and retains its attractiveness for longer than conventionally built homes. Skilled builders know where to install insulation, all to keep your house more enjoyable and energy efficient during new construction.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation (SPF) is sprayed as a solution and expands upon contact to form an insulating and airtight barrier. Spray foam insulation may be applied to walls, roofs, inaccessible places, and other surfaces. It is a highly efficient method for reducing air penetration through gaps, seams, and joints. Spray foam has been used for almost 60 years because it is resilient, stable, and long-lasting. It is available in closed-cell SPF, open cell SPF, and pour-in-place formulations (pip).

Spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial insulation.

Heating and cooling systems in American homes utilize around half of all the energy they consume. As a result, over half of your monthly power expenditure goes toward keeping your house at a suitable temperature. Spray foam insulation is the most energy-efficient insulation on the market today. Spray foam can save the average expense of keeping your home's temp by 20% or more. It has strong air sealing properties. Spray foam, since it is expanding foam, plugs cracks in your walls and prevents air leakage into or out of your house or company.

Using this sort of insulation, you will increase the energy efficiency, temperature management, noise control, humidity control, and ail proofing of your house or business structure.


  • Lowering energy expenses
  • enhanced energy efficiency
  • Enhanced thermostatic control
  • Noise reduction
  • Controlled moisture
  • Better air sealing, less air leakage

Construction Insulation FAQs

How much more expensive is spray foam insulation when compared to fiberglass and other insulation materials?

How much more expensive is spray foam insulation when compared to fiberglass and other insulation materials?

Expandable foam is two to three times the price of standard insulation materials such as cellulose or fiberglass.

While foam is more expensive up front, the air seal minimizes the long-term expense of spray foam by lowering monthly energy expenses, eliminating the need for future insulation maintenance, and solving comfort issues.

When constructing a new house, it is critical to consider not just the initial price but also the lifespan value of the insulation and the potential problems it will avoid.

It's also worth noting that cellulose and fiberglass will settle and disintegrate with time, resulting in reduced insulation efficacy. This increases the cost since these materials must be replaced.

Will Spray Foam meet the requirements of the insulation code?

The short answer is that spray foam insulation is code compliant.

The lengthy response delves into the distinction between regulatory requirements and performance. While standard insulation satisfies code through R-Value, foam fulfills code through performance since it is a better material that provides an air barrier.

Is it better to use open cell or closed cell spray foam in my new home?

Compared to closed cell foam, open cell spray foam is a superior choice for your new house.

Because a new home shifts and settles over time, your insulation must adapt and flex with it. That is open cell, as opposed to closed cell, which is more stiff and dense.

Closed cell is ideal for commercial structures.

Open cell and closed cell foam both generate an air seal wherever they are used.

Will Spray Foam Insulation make my new home too tight?

This is a widespread misunderstanding.

In a new home, an HVAC contractor will assess the size of the system your home requires, ensuring that your new home is not too tight and has acceptable air quality and humidity.

Is Foam Insulation a Good Investment?

Customers report savings ranging from 15% to 50% off their monthly energy expenditures.

These percentages fluctuate due to factors such as housing structure, thermostat settings, and personal preferences. It all comes down to how long you intend to live in your freshly constructed house. The longer you reside in your house, the more savings you will accumulate over time.

How long does it take to install foam insulation?

It all boils down to scheduling around other experts working on the house. On the installation day, two workers arrive at the property, and spraying from the attic to the basement may take one to two days, according to the house size.

Is it OK to use foam in a cathedral ceiling?


Before the cathedral ceiling was installed, the spaces would be sprayed. This produces an air barrier that prevents warm air in your home from escaping through the roof in the winter and helps keep your house cool in the summer.

New Construction Insulation Done Right

Epic Spray Foam provides superior spray foam installation to new construction homes to ensure that they have the best temperature control, noise reduction, and energy efficiency.

As a certified spray foam contractor and insulation installer, we will make sure your house is insulated with the best material and in the right amount to keep you comfortable all year long.

Contact our experts at Epic Spray Foam for a free consultation!

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

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We had a wonderful experience with Epic Spray Foam! The very first meeting was very informative, Justin answered all my questions and assured us that our upstairs cooling problems could be fixed by reducing our attic temperature. We were not able to get our upstairs to cool to the desired temperature in 90+ temp days, and we were thinking we needed a new AC system. After meeting with Justin he felt that instead of a new system what we really needed was a drastically cooler attic so that our existing system could reach the desired temperature. We decided to go with spray foam versus having a new system installed. Once we got our attic cleared of all our stuff, their team came in and vaccumed all the old pink insulation from our attic leaving it absolutely spotless! The following day their crew came in and applied the foam. Their crew was very polite and texted me to let me k ow they were finished and asked if I needed the home locked up and the thermostat reset to a desired temp. We came back home from a weekend get a way to our home completely clean after they left and the upstairs had kept the temperature we left the t-stat set at. Today outside temp is 84 and all morning and afternoon the upstairs has remained at 70 degrees which never happened last summer. On high 80’s and 90’s temp days out upstairs was always several degrees hotter and one or two days 8 degrees hotter than what the t-stat was set at. We would definitely recommend Epic Spray Foam for anyone struggling to keep their attics cooler and their upstairs cooler!

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Justin and his team were very knowledgeable and insightful for our insulation needs. Justin provided recommendations to fit our budget and be the most efficient in our home. His instillation team was prompt, courteous, tidy and detailed— we are so pleased with the outcome. Would highly recommend!!


Luckily I was able to get Epic spray foam in to spray the house 1 day after signing the quote. They were prompt, courteous, professional, and informational. All my questions were answered. They even promised that I would be happy with the end result and my family and I are more than pleased that ended up becoming true. Easily will recommend to any future customers.


Let it be Insulated

Insulation isn’t only used for keeping your building warm throughout winter, it's also an extremely effective way of keeping them cooler during scorching hot summer days. Adding insulation to your building frame can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep the hot outside air from entering

Speaking to an insulation professional is important since buildings have different types and uses which create different insulation requirements. Epic Spray Foam is a leading insulation contractor and is one quick call away from answering your questions!

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