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Eliminating the uncontrolled movement of air and moisture that goes in and out of the building is one of the greatest methods to remodel your current house. Allowing unwelcome outside air in and conditioned air out will raise your energy use and reduce your overall comfort. When upgrading your house, start with the areas that lose the most energy - attics and crawl spaces. Sealing these places with spray foam insulation will improve your comfort and save you money over the life of your house.

What is an Insulation Retrofit?

Is "retrofitting with insulation" or "retrofit insulation" a term you've come across before? If you have and are unsure what it signifies, we're here to clear things up! So, what exactly is retrofit insulation? Retrofitting insulation into a home or structure is effectively re-insulating.

Insulation added during the construction of a home or structure is referred to as new construction insulation. It is normally faster and less expensive to insulate a newly constructed home or structure, although retrofit insulation may be required—insulation can settle with time. It can also be placed wrongly, in which case you'll have to update later to get the benefits, which include energy savings and a more pleasant house all year.

One thing is certain: if you're building a custom house, you'll almost certainly be questioned about insulation. However, if you recently moved into a home constructed in the 1970s or earlier, there's a significant possibility it's not insulated or has insufficient insulation.

How else can you tell if you need to install retrofit insulation?

If your energy expenses have been continuously rising, your home is drafty, or temps vary from room to room, you may need to add retrofit insulation.

Despite the fact that these aren't the only indicators that your home needs to be re-insulated, they are some of the most common.

Why Spray Foam?

It takes a trained eye to see the flaws in a typical building envelope and apply spray foam insulation and other air sealing technologies to make it more energy efficient. Conventional insulation materials do not solve many of today's building envelope issues, such as:

  • Infiltration of air
  • Non-Traditional Framing
  • Unventilated attics and crawl areas

Insulation should improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, safety, durability, and comfort. Spray foam insulation is intended to satisfy all of these requirements. Homeowners may have peace of mind knowing that their house provides optimum protection against energy loss while also providing optimal comfort for their family.

Benefits of foam insulation:

  • Reduces moisture penetration caused by air leaks.
  • Reduces dew point issues and condensation.
  • Prevents thermal bridging and heat transfer in all directions.
  • Provides consistent performance under a variety of circumstances.

Common Retrofit Insulation Applications

The retrofit foam installation process is tailored for use in applications involving injection and pouring into preexisting wall cavities and block wall structures. Retrofit Foam has the same physical features as Open Cell spray applied insulation and allows the applicator to insulate and air seal existing walls without having to remove the internal face of the existing wall. In addition, spray foam may be utilized to fill the holes of pre-existing block wall structures in order to provide insulation.


The HVAC system is put under an excessive amount of stress when there is a substantial temperature difference between the living room and the attic, which also reduces the system's overall energy efficiency and comfort level. When spray foam is applied to the underside of the roofline and continued down to the top plate, the attic is included as part of the space that is conditioned.


  • Removes unwelcome air incursion
  • Maintains conditioned indoor temperatures
  • Keeps insects and rodents out of the house.
  • Lowers energy usage
  • Wind-driven rain is kept out of the house.
  • Unrivaled wind uplift resistance

Crawl Spaces

The conventional layout of crawl spaces encourages air circulation and the accumulation of moisture beneath the house, both of which can have a variety of unexpected effects. Spray foam may be applied directly to the subfloor sheeting as well as in the spaces between the floor joists to create an air and moisture barrier that will protect the living space that is located above.


  • Keeps floors warm during the winter by preventing unwanted air infiltration
  • Maintains the conditioned indoor temperature
  • Keeps insects and rodents out of the house.
  • Removes undesirable moisture accumulation
  • Reduces the danger of mold and mildew significantly.

Retrofit Spray Foam Installation With Epic Spray Foam

Retrofit and stay comfortable with our spray foam insulation installation. We offer a wide range of insulation types, including closed cell and open cell spray foam, to suit your needs. Retrofitting is a great way to increase comfort in your home while saving on energy costs and simplifying the process of maintaining your home.

We can insulate around plumbing, wiring, and ducts. Our team is highly experienced in retrofitting homes of any age.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

Step 1: Estimate
Call (833) FOAM-GUY to set up your FREE ESTIMATE. Most estimates are able to be completed within 24 - 48 hours.
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Once you've received and approved your quote for crawl space encapsulation, our crews arrive to get to work. The entire process only takes abut a day!
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What people are saying

We had a wonderful experience with Epic Spray Foam! The very first meeting was very informative, Justin answered all my questions and assured us that our upstairs cooling problems could be fixed by reducing our attic temperature. We were not able to get our upstairs to cool to the desired temperature in 90+ temp days, and we were thinking we needed a new AC system. After meeting with Justin he felt that instead of a new system what we really needed was a drastically cooler attic so that our existing system could reach the desired temperature. We decided to go with spray foam versus having a new system installed. Once we got our attic cleared of all our stuff, their team came in and vaccumed all the old pink insulation from our attic leaving it absolutely spotless! The following day their crew came in and applied the foam. Their crew was very polite and texted me to let me k ow they were finished and asked if I needed the home locked up and the thermostat reset to a desired temp. We came back home from a weekend get a way to our home completely clean after they left and the upstairs had kept the temperature we left the t-stat set at. Today outside temp is 84 and all morning and afternoon the upstairs has remained at 70 degrees which never happened last summer. On high 80’s and 90’s temp days out upstairs was always several degrees hotter and one or two days 8 degrees hotter than what the t-stat was set at. We would definitely recommend Epic Spray Foam for anyone struggling to keep their attics cooler and their upstairs cooler!

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Justin and his team were very knowledgeable and insightful for our insulation needs. Justin provided recommendations to fit our budget and be the most efficient in our home. His instillation team was prompt, courteous, tidy and detailed— we are so pleased with the outcome. Would highly recommend!!


Luckily I was able to get Epic spray foam in to spray the house 1 day after signing the quote. They were prompt, courteous, professional, and informational. All my questions were answered. They even promised that I would be happy with the end result and my family and I are more than pleased that ended up becoming true. Easily will recommend to any future customers.


Let it be Insulated

Insulation isn’t only used for keeping your building warm throughout winter, it's also an extremely effective way of keeping them cooler during scorching hot summer days. Adding insulation to your building frame can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep the hot outside air from entering

Speaking to an insulation professional is important since buildings have different types and uses which create different insulation requirements. Epic Spray Foam is a leading insulation contractor and is one quick call away from answering your questions!

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